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The Quality Management System in EUTRON is SR EN ISO 9001:2008 certified
The Information Security Management System in EUTRON is SR ISO/CEI 27001:2006 certified




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Eutron Invest Romania is the only innovative and flexible Romanian provider of systems, products and solutions  that simultaneously deals with the requirements cash flow and cash processing management, customer flow management, automatic data identification and asset protection, and solves other complex problems that appear at the reunion or intersection of these areas.

The solutions provided by Eutron are competitive and flexible and are tailored to our clients' needs.


Eutron has been awarded the e-project prize for the BCR TV project

Eutron e-Finance award for the BCR TV project


Eutron Announces Partnership with Fiserv

Eutron Announces Partnership with Fiserv to Provide Cash and Logistics Solutions to Romanian Banks and Retailers


Eutron and Gateway keep LC Waikiki stores safe

Founded in 1985 by the French designer George Amoual and his partner, LC Waikiki was from the start an unusual clothing brand.



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